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the journey...

the full story, well, almost.

I didn't start my life seeing dead people or angels or unicorns or anything of the sort. I'm glad too. It would've freaked me out more than I already was as a child.

I did know, like most children, that I thought this adult was good and that one not. why? because as young children we still knew how to feel energy and society hadn't yet convinced us that it was nonsense.

education, family and our greater culture see fit to divorce us from our natural state and to be 'like everyone else.' and feeling things without logic is just not good if you want to grow up and be successful and happy.

But my energy feelings didn't stop, in fact they grew stronger. Not that I did anything to encourage this, it sort of just happened.

Fast forward many years, I'm surfing, chasing girls and like most young boys in California, having fun. I'm a teenager in high school and starting to get more of what I call 'real messages' from spirit. But I'm ignoring it. Not interested thanks very much.

Fast forward many years again, I'm now older and married to my swedish wife and working as a real estate agent. This is still in California. Near Santa Barbara and Ojai. Out of seemingly nowhere I begin to get VERY interested in everything psychic. But from a spiritual perspective that integrates meditation and higher personal energy.

So in my spare time I began to read every book on psychic mediums. Mainly wonderful people like James Van Praagh, who is funny as hell to meet in person by the way. I began to get more and more messages each day.

To now make a long story short; too late I know. But I had referred to me as a real estate client a wonderful and talented person named Tamara. A very popular psychic and quite known in Los Angeles as being a 'psychic to the stars.'

One day she called me up in my office and said that I should come over to her home and that I was supposed to give her 'a reading.' I thought 'she wants me to read to her?' But I was used to eccentric real estate clients by then and by a weird chance my afternoon was suddenly free, so I went. She was very kind and put me at ease immediately. She asked me to sit in a chair, close my eyes and just open up and let whatever come to me come. I did and channeled information for her and her personal life. She smiled at me afterwards and said 'I am so happy for you. You are going to do this kind of work in the future.'

And I left a bit confused but happy and from that moment on, I began to get more and more connections with the spirit world and began to slowly help people with questions and guidance.

It's now been 13 years of doing this. It's a calling.


My philosophy when it comes to my work is that I am just a telephone. The energy and messages come through me from a higher source. Call it Source, Spirit Guides, Angels or whatever you like.




“Believe in your infinite potential.”-Buddha

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