q u e s t i o n s


It's completely normal to have questions especially when it comes to things 'outside' the mainstream of accepted beliefs.

I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable or nervous when they come, so please find below a list of questions and answers I hope you find helpful and informative. 

If you have a concern or question feel free to drop me a line on my contact page.

Q: I am new to all this spiritual stuff and am not sure what to believe. Is it still ok to come?

A: Of course it is. You don't need to believe in anything to benefit from the sessions.

If you have not had any direct spiritual experiences why should you believe in it? It is completely natural not to believe.

In fact, most of us are taught what to believe in from an early age and then later in adulthood we say this is 'right' and this is 'wrong' but it's all conditioning mostly. Nobody wants to be looked at as weird, so I get it. And I will add I'm not into converting anyone to believe in anything either... haha

Q: Can you give me background information about energy/healing sessions? 

A: We pick up both good and bad energy every day of our lives. Think of a bucket of water filling up each day little by little. Each stressful thing is one drop, but the bucket fills up fast.

Then when it's full, a tiny drop can make the whole thing overflow. This is what we see when people have acute stress. but unlike getting physical dirt off our bodies by taking a shower, we are not taught to be rid of what we carry energetically.

Think of your tight neck and back pain after a very stressful day. You are carrying that energy and it accumulates over time. It can also negatively affect your relationships, personality and emotions.

Left alone it can also lead to serious body problems. In this session, negative energy is removed, balance to the flow of energy is restarted. Everyone is different so each session is unique. You can also call this a healing session but I prefer the word balance. The client lays on a massage table, fully clothed and relaxing spa music is played softly in the background and there's a relaxing water fountain also.

I use my hands, with channeled energy placed on normal areas of the body. The energy flows and the trapped negative energy leaves the body and mind. I can tell you people are shocked at how good they feel. One client told me that she didn't care about how she felt because everyone at her office said she looked ten years younger! haha but it's a true story.

Q: I don't see any reviews or client statements about your sessions.

A: I've thought about including the after sessions statements of clients, but it all seems so ego. Let's just say that I only work by referrral/ word of mouth. I do not do any kind of advertising. I do have an instagram page but if you don't know someone who has been to me, then you don't know I exist. And that's fine. I'm lucky to be very busy and what I have found over the years, is that cool people know cool people and those are the ones I want to help. What better kind of review than a trusted friend of yours telling you should go and see this person? 

Have a concern or question? You can write me on my contact page.