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psychic private reading:  

30 Minutes 600kr

60 Minutes 850kr 

Via phone or in person. Topics include career, life purpose, love, family. you can have your own prepared questions also. You may record the session on your mobile phone. If the client has alot of negative energy they are holding onto, I include a mini energy healing/balancing in the last 10 minutes of the hour session.

body healing/balancing session

60 minutes


We pick up both good and bad energy every day of our lives.think of a bucket of water filling up each day little by little. Each stressful thing is one drop, but the bucket fills up fast.

Then when it's full, a tiny drop can make the whole thing overflow. This is what we see when people have acute stress. but unlike getting physical dirt off our bodies by taking a shower, we are not taught to be rid of what we carry energetically.

Think of your tight neck and back pain after a very stressful day. You are carrying that energy and it accumulates over time. It can also negatively affect your relationships, personality and emotions.

Left alone it can also lead to serious body problems. In this session, negative energy is removed, balance to the flow of energy is restarted. Everyone is different so each session is unique. You can also call this a healing session but I prefer the word balance. The client lays on a massage table clothed and relaxing spa music is played softly in the background. The session lasts one hour.

I use my hands, with channeled energy placed on normal areas of the body. The energy flows. This is not a massage. If you have any questions to ask like in a psychic reading, I don't mind answering them at same time.

meditation course:

private session:

30 minutes.


In this time, we discuss and find a unique and personal kind of meditation that works for you. One that feels good and is easy and works. One private session is enough to get you going.This is perfect for people who want to meditate, but have tried before and hated it!

Meditation Background info:

It's simple. Meditation is a way to stop the mind talk. Which is unpleasant

and lowers our happiness.

Meditation is easy. Because you only do whatever works for you.

Some people do it walking in the forest, others on the sofa, some with music etc.you do need to combine those things with breathing and a mindset but it's easy. Then you have a wonderful way to release stress.

Meditation is not a lifestyle, it's a tool.

Some days you may need it, other days not. It's not a big deal or stress.




Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. -Kahil Gibran

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